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If you are struggling with a certain module, subject or a particular concept – consider reaching out to a tutor for some extra support!

When looking for a grinds tutor, we recommend reaching out to your lecturer or Class rep to help you find one. They might be able to source someone in a higher year who’s aced the subject already.

The Student Union also offer the below list of tutors who have contacted us. Please do not hesitate to call or email them to ask if they can assist you in your studies!

If you would like to offer grinds, please fill out the form below or get in touch with us at either: or


Best of Luck!

Students should be aware of the following before using this Grinds service:

Tutors are not monitored by MTUK Students' Union. Quality of grinds cannot be guaranteed by MTUK Students' Union. Any fees should be agreed between the tutor and the student(s) in advance. For safety reasons, students are advised to hold the first meeting in a public place.

Name: Sally O'Rourke Griffin

Course: 4th year Postgraduate
Subjects: Botany, Zoology, Ecology 1, Species Identification, Microbiology, Irish Wildlife, and Environmental Science

Price: €21 - €22 per hour

Name: Patrick McGrath

Course: 2nd year Agricultural Engineering

Subjects: Engineering Maths 1

Contact: E:

T: 0874331484

Note: Can Travel

Name: Orla Judge

Course: 2nd Year Counselling with Addiction

Subjects: IT Skills, Personal Development, Ethics and Research, Referencing, Academic Writing

Contact: E:

Note: Available Online

Name: Shane Howe

Course: 2nd Year Computing with Software Development

Subjects: Programming, Database Concepts, Mathematics

Contact: E:

T: 0866683861

Note: I’m excited to offer personalized tutoring in programming, mathematics and database concepts. With scores exceeding 90% in all areas, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of these subjects to help you excel. My rate is €10 per session of 45mins. Feel free to reach out!

Name: Callum O' Grady

Course: 1st year Engineering

Subjects: 1st year maths

Contact: E:

T: 0873175579

Name: Shon George

Course: 2nd Year Phd

Subjects: Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry

Contact: E:

Name: Emma Bellchambers

Course: 2nd Year General Science

Subjects: Maths, Biology, Chemistry



T: 0872314147

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