The Grinds section of our website provides a platform for students to find a tutor for that subject that they are really struggling with and for tutors to advertise their teaching skills. You may only need one class or you may need five but you can rest assured there’s someone who is willing to give grinds for it! Whether you are a student who needs some last minute help with Chemistry before an exam, or you an expert in Irish and want to earn a bit of extra cash you have come to the right place!


Students should be aware of the following before using this Grinds service:

Tutors are not monitored by MTUK Students' Union. Quality of grinds cannot be guaranteed by MTUK Students' Union. Any fees should be agreed between the tutor and the student(s) in advance. For safety reasons, students are advised to hold the first meeting in a public place.

Name: Kyle Tenkrooden

Course: Computing in Software Development

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Name: Jessica O'Brien

Course: Accounting

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Name: Khathamat Baebsawat

Course: Business Studies (Marketing)

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