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Student Universal Support Ireland - SUSI

What is Susi?

SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland) is Ireland's single awarding authority for the student maintenance grant. Applications for Student Grants are assessed under the criteria set out in the Student Support Act 2011, Student Support Regulations and the Student Grant Scheme. All successful applicants have their 'Student Contribution Fee' paid as well as being awarded a full (100%) or part (75%, 50%, 25%) maintenance grant. SUSI has been in existence since 2012/13 after it took over from County Councils and VEC's (now ETB's).


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Class Reps

What is a class rep?

A Class Rep is a student who is elected by their peers to represent the interests of their class to the Students' Union and lecturers in charge of their courses. There are also many benefits such as:-


- Leadership Skills

- Negotiation and Advocacy Skills

- Organisation and Communication Skills

- Networking Opportunities amongst other Class Reps, Academic/Administrative Staff and other Students across the country.

Click Here to contact Seán, our SU representative for Education

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